Michael Quirk
Mr. Quirk is a fun-loving teacher who wishes to encourage his students to move with confidence and enjoyment.  He choreographs for many high school musicals, and teaches his love of dancing in many other facets.  His goal for the students at Just Dance is to have fun, learn new things and build confidence.


Abby Hoag
Miss Abby has been dancing for almost 18 years. She competed for 12 of those years all across the state of New York and throughout the country. During those years she won multiple titles, scholarships, and awards. Most recently Abby was crowned Miss Apple Festival 2016 and competed at Miss New York this past May, and would have gone on to Miss America if she had won. She is constantly taking classes or attending workshops to learn new moves to stay up to date in the dance world. She has been trained in many styles of dance including Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern, Ballet, Pointe, Acro, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, and Hip Hop. Abby has had a passion for teaching since a young age and started assisting classes at her local dance studio at the age of 12. She jumped right into her first teaching job fresh out of high school. Abby is so excited to join the JDS team and looks forward to a year full of learning, hard work, and fun!


Samantha Moore
Samantha has been in love with hula-hooping for several years now. Samantha was inspired by watching a hula-hooper perform and went out to buy a hoop the next day. Since then she has dedicated every second she could to be the best she can in the art.  She enjoys dance and the Just Dance Studio in Chittenango, NY. To Samantha, it is a place where she can be inspired by the elegant and mind blowing atmosphere of everyone there. It is her goal to help others to be inspired in the art of dance and hula-hooping as she was when she first witnessed it.